July 4, 2020 (San Francisco, Calif.) – 

While in quarantine, the world's best beer milers were asked to race the fastest solo beer mile they could. Runners from 13 nations answered the call to compete for $8,000 in prize money. 


American’s Chris Robertson and Allison Grace Morgan delivered career-defining performances. Morgan bettered a World Record time that she’s been chasing for the last three years. In the end, Liz Herndon’s (6:17.8) world record was eclipsed by one of the best drinking performances in women’s beer mile history. For those unfamiliar with this quirky race, participants chug a beer before every lap of the mile. Morgan outdrank Herndon’s “ghost” in all four chug zones, only to give up her advantage, each lap, during the running portion of the race. Her final chug and last were enough to give her the new Record in 6:16.5.  Elizabeth Laseter’s 10 second PR capped a dominant performance for the American Women who repeated as Queens’ Cup champion.  Shannessy Adams rounded out the podium, becoming the first Australian women to earn a World Classic medal. 



Women’s Results: Top 10:


Place 1

Allison Grace Morgan USA 6:16.5 World Record, NR, BMWC Record

Place 2 Elizabeth Laseter USA 6:42 PR

Place 3 Shannessy Adams Australia 6:45 AUS Record

Place 4 Laura Riches England 6:53  PR

Place 5 Katie Anderson Canada 7:04  PR

Place 6 Hanna Hugosson Sweden 7:06 Scandavian Record, NR

Place 7 Marissa Markle Canada 7:16  PR

Place 8 Kassandra Marin USA 7:49  PR

Place 9 Lisa Renteria USA 8:11  PR Masters Winner

Place 10 Kristyn Kadala USA 8:13


Women’s Team Results (Low Score Wins)

USA -3

Canada - 10

Sweden - 15

England - 16

Germany -25


In the Men’s race, Chris Robertson delivered a dominant race on a Chicago track. Through three laps and three chugs, he was dead-even with  Corey Bellemore’s World Record (4:33.6). The World Record eventually slipped away, but not before the Yank took 8 seconds off the his own American Record. His 4:38.7 made him the second man to eclipse 4:40. Meanwhile, in Stockholm, Markus Liwing became the 11th man to break 5-minutes. He ended the week with a Swedish and Scandanavian record (4:53). Like Shannessy Adams, Nick Finch became the first male Australian to win a World Classic Medal.  The American Men, running without standouts Garrett Cullen and Brandon Shirck, found new talent in this virtual format.  Andrew Bedkovsky (4th) and the curiously monikered “Bud Lightning” (9th) rounded out the scorers for America’s 4th consecutive Kingston Cup title. Canada and Sweden finished second and third respectively.


Men’s Results: Top 10:


Place 1 Chris Robertson  USA 4:38.7 NR

Place 2 Markus Liwing Sweden 4:53  NR Scandinavian Record

Place 3 Nick Finch Australia 5:00.6 PR

Place 4 Andrew Benkovsky USA 5:03.4  PR

Place 5 Josh Harris Australia 5:06

Place 6 Phil Parrot- Migas Canada 5:09

Place 7 Rasmus Thiesen Norway 5:15

Place 8 Jonas Andersson Sweden 5:16

Place 9 “Bud Lightning” USA 5:17  PR

Place 10 Gabe Ghiglione Canada 5:22

Place 11 John Tayleur England 5:23.5

Place 12 Jim Finlayson Canada 5:29  Masters Winner


Men’s Team Results (Low Score Wins)


USA - 14

Canada - 27

Sweden - 28

Norway - 36

Australia - 38

Scotland - 57

Germany - 59

Netherlands - 98 


About the Beer Mile:

The Beer Mile is equal parts gastric challenge and athletic endeavor, requiring competitors to drink a 355ml beer (5% minimum ABV) before every quarter mile of the race, totaling four beers over the one-mile course. 



Nick MacFalls

nick@beermileworldclassic.com/ 650.444.3700




May 27, 2020 (San Francisco, Calif.) – 

Running alone on a track in Marin County, CA in 2014, James Nielsen’s beer mile took the sporting world by storm as he became the first man to run a mile under 5 minutes while consuming 4 beers. Nielsen’s historic effort was the seminal event leading to the creation of the Beer Mile World Classic (BMWC). San Francisco, London, Vancouver, and Berlin have all hosted the BMWC, and this year’s edition of the event highlights a return to the sport’s underground roots.  


The organizers of the BMWC are proud to announce a virtual championship that will air worldwide on July 4, 2020. The event is open to all runners worldwide. Top performers who are eligible to score for their nation will also compete for a share of $8000 in prize money. Details of prize money, qualification criteria, and submission instructions are available at www.beermileworldclassic.com.


About the Beer Mile:

The Beer Mile is equal parts gastric challenge and athletic endeavor, requiring competitors to drink a 355ml beer (5% minimum ABV) before every quarter mile of the race, totaling four beers over the one-mile course. 


About the Beer Mile World Classic:

The Beer Mile World Classic is the world’s premier drinking race. Since 2015, the BMWC has crowned the men’s and women’s world individual and team champions and hosted two world records: including Canadian Corey Bellemore’s current mark of 4:33.6.  The BMWC women’s standard of 6:24 was set by Alison Grace Morgan in Berlin last July. National Teams from the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, and Germany are expected to compete for the men’s and women’s team championships: the coveted Kingston and Queens’ Cups.


BMWC event producer, Nick MacFalls stated, “Across the globe, there are elite athletes who have expressed interest, but their seasonal competitive schedules have restricted them from competing at the BMWC in past years. We welcome and challenge them to use this unique opportunity to train, race, and compete for prize money and bragging rights at the world’s premier drinking race. ”  


The Athletes:

2019 Champions Corey Bellemore of Canada and Alison Grace Morgan of the United States will return to defend individual titles, lead their respective national teams, and chase World Records.


Confirmed Elite Men:

Corey Bellemore: (4:33.6), Canada, Current WR Holder, BMWC Champ 2016 & 2019

Chris Robertson (4:46), USA,  US Record Holder, BMWC Champ in 2017, Silver 2019

Brandon Shirck (4:47), USA,  Former WR Holder, BMWC Bronze in 2016, 2017, 2018

Josh Harris (4:51), Australia, Former WR Holder, 2nd Man Under 5 minutes

Corey Gallagher (4:54) Canada, Former WR Holder, Winner 2014 FloTrack Beer Mile

Phi Parrot-Migas (4:55), Canada, 5-Time BMWC Finalist, 2 Time Team Champion

Garrett Cullen (4:55), USA, 4x BMWC Finalist, 2nd in BMWC in 2017 &  2018, 3rd in 2019

Markus Liwing (5:01) Swedish Record Holder, 4 x BMWC Finalist

Emil Granqvist (5:06) Sweden, 2019 Beer Mile Rookie of the Year, 4th in BMWC 2019

Rasmus Thiesen (5:16) Norway, Norwegian Record Holder, 7th in BMWC 2019


Confirmed Elite Women:

Alison Grace Morgan (6:24), USA, BMWC Champ 2019, #2 All-Time Performer

Andrea Fisher (6:26), USA, #5 All-Time Performer, 2015 Flotrack Beer Mile Runner-up

Chris Masters Kimbrough (6:28), USA, BMWC Runner-up 2015, Former WR Holder

Caitlin Batten (6:41), USA,  BMWC Champion 2015, Flotrack Beer Mile Champ 2016

Lianne Girard (6:42) Canada, Canadian Record Holder, BMWC 2x BMWC Finalist

Polly Keen, (6:52), England, English Record Holder, BMWC Runner-up 2019

Katie Anderson (7:10), Canada, BMWC Bronze Medallist in 2019

Laura Riches (7:13), England, BMWC Runner-up in 2017



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