The Beer Mile World Classic

What is the Beer Mile?

4 beers, 4 laps.


The official Kingston Rules (described in detail at beermile.com) were first standardised in 1990 by a group of Canadian runners, including the World Classic co-founder John Markell. 

A few fundamentals: 12 oz, 5% ABV beers, any “emesis” results in a one lap penalty. 


What originated as something of an underground frat tradition has evolved into an internationally renowned competition, with nearly 100,000 official entries, brand name sponsorships, and media coverage from the likes of ESPN and Ellen Degeneres. 


What is the World Classic?

The World Classic launched its inaugural race in 2015 in San Francisco – this was the first time all of the world record holders competed head to head since the formalization of the sport.


This 2019 BMWC in Berlin will again bring the event to the global renown the phenomenon already boasts online and in the media.  The event is about more than running and drinking.  In our minds, both activities are two of the most time-honored ways of bringing people together.  


What a better way to celebrate athleticism, revelry, fandom, and our common humanity than an international event that combines them all?


We love our brew and we love a good race.
We want to share that love with the world.  


Champions drink responsibly

Outside the Beer Mile, drinking is not a competition. Set your own pace and quit when you've had enough.

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